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The apartment is a 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms duplex.
On lower level there is a big living room/kitchen/dining room that never felt overcrowded. There is also a cellar, small bathroom (just a toilet and a sink)) and a small balcony with a nice view.
Upstairs there are 4 separate bedrooms, master bathroom with a big bathtub.

The apartment is equipped with all necessary appliances for a comfortable life - Huge fridge, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, TV, music player, boiler big enough never to really run out of hot water, AC, central heating, 2 extra mattresses for guests visiting.

The apartment is located on crossroad of Zdravka Celara and Cvijiceva, which makes it very well connected to all other parts of the city with multiple bus and tram lines in proximity making a 3p even to Novi Beograd usually take not longer than 20 minutes.

The rent is 800 euros which we split evenly for a 200 per person if it was to be 4 of us as there are 4 separate bedrooms. If you want to share a room (as there are currently 2 extra mattresses unused) the price would be proportionately be lower depending of number of people living together (5/6). The bills in total were around 20000 which makes it an average 5000 dinars per person a month (elec3city, heating, cleaning lady, cable TV and internet).

Price/quality ratio for living in this apartment is unmatched, and we've all been very happy living here for the last 10 months. We are sure you will feel the same.


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I'm on my final year of studies, working from 9-17. I'm from Serbia. Throughout my life, I lived with more than 20 roomates from all over the world. An all-around chill dude who likes going out, being social, discovering music, watching movies, and doing sports. I respect other people's privacy and needs for their home to be a comfortable place to relax after school/work. I am looking for likeminded individuals.

For the past 2 years 14 other people lived in this flatshare at different time periods - everybody had gotten along well with eachother.


Beograd, Vukov Spomenik, Tasmajdan

200 €

Tražim cimera

: 23425
: 27/09/2016
: Nebitno
: 6
: 4
: Da
: 120m2
: Student
: Da
: Ne
: Ne
: Da


30 god, Zaposlen(a), Nepušač

Beograd, Vracar, Vozdovac

: 30/03/2018
: 35884
: 150 €
: 01/04/2018
: Da


23 god, Student, Nepušač


: 24/03/2018
: 36314
: 150 €
: 31/03/2018
: Da


26 god, Student, Nepušač


: 19/06/2018
: 34892
: 150 €
: 14/01/2018
: Da


30 god, Zaposlen(a), Pušač


: 06/06/2018
: 34102
: 150 €
: 30/11/-1
: Da


25 god, Zaposlen(a), Nepušač

Beograd, Konjarnik (Ustanicka)

: 17/04/2018
: 36414
: 160 €
: 10/04/2018
: 67m2
: 1.5
: Da


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